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DIY Gift - Create precious memories with innovative and unique Gift and Craft Templates for any occasion! Fun and versatile fun-shape box templates for any size package and for all ages.

How to make someone's day Extraordinary! Learn how to create Unique and Original Gift Boxes in minutes (& Stand out from the crowd!) Click here to read more.

When was the last time you created an unique idea that's truly from your heart?

Unique high quality Gift Packaging & Craft Templates, get back to the real meaning of Gift-Giving! Read this page now.

Get VALUABLE techniques on how to maximise your gifts with minimum effort and materials required.

Warning! Do not Buy, Wrap and even give out any presents until you read this page.

CREATIVE. FUN. UNLIMITED. VERSATILE. ECONOMIC. Unique High Quality Gift & Craft Templates.

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" For New Ideas, Tips and Techniques to create Incredible Unique Gift Boxes in the comfort of your home, I Highly Recommend checking out It is a great resource."

Learn How to Create Beautiful Unique Gift Boxes

This website is the real deal. As part of my ongoing search to help you find the absolute best tools for you to create quality Arts and Crafts, this is without a doubt at the top of my list. I Highly Endorse it.
The creator of this site, Janlia Chong, makes people from all over the world remember what Gift-Giving is all about. She helps people that cares about Giving to create Beautifully Designed and Unique Gift Boxes for all ages and tastes.

Whether you are looking for a different and unique gift or you are interested in making some beautiful craft-work, these wonderful templates are very versatile, economic and easy to use.

These unconventional Ideas, Tips and Techniques come with easy to follow instructions to help you create Incredible Gift Boxes in the comfort of your home. Click here to go to Janlia's web site now

"Your Name."


"If you are thinking of giving a loved one a present, and want them to know that you really care - Go the extra mile (with minimum effort)!
I highly recommend DIY Gift Package's GIFT and CRAFT collection at
Janlia Chong reveals her ideas, tips and techniques to help you create beautiful and unique Gift Boxes for your next gift-giving occassion or craft project. It is a gifting and crafting essential."


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Innovative Gift Package and Craft Templates

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DIY Innovative Gift Package and Craft Templates

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